Through yoga, I have learned that this life we live is a practice. Not practice in the sense of we're preparing for the 'real thing,' because we don't get a do-over. Practice in the sense that it will never be perfect. You and I will never be perfect. So, we show up. We let go. We try. We fail. We navigate. We succeed. We start over. We breathe.

We practice.

and again.
and again.

I have a deep love of exploring the connection between body, mind, and spirit - both on the yoga mat and in the world. I ultimately believe that by exploring and deepening this connection through mindful movement, breath, and an awareness of the inner most authentic self, we can manifest an amazing life filled with everything we’ve ever hoped for, as well as connect more deeply with others. Those whispers we hear from within guiding us to each goal, each finish line, each new door. That is what we practice for. This is how we write our stories.

We are each on a journey, and I’m glad we’re traveling together.

xx SM